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Training Management for the 21st Century

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TMS Millennium is the culmination of over four years of concentrated design, development, and testing. With this completely new TMS program, we were able to keep the features that our loyal users have always loved and add capabilities that we could only dream about in TMS 3.8.

Powerful Yet User-Friendly

TMS-Me marks a quantum leap forward for the TMS Training Management System. It was developed in Microsoft Visual FoxPro 9.0, an environment that is not only the fastest database environment for the PC platform, but a capable front-end for future client-server versions of TMS. Its object-oriented environment is a key to the flexibility and ease of use that we've designed into TMS-Me. Data tables in TMS-Me can be as large as 2.1 billion records, far more than even the largest agency can expect to generate. Even with large data sets, you can expect lightning-fast queries and reports. TMS Millennium is fully compatible with any version of Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8, on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. (Hardware Requirements)

If you're a current TMS user, don't worry. We're working hard to keep the ease of use you've come to expect from TMS. As has always been our policy, TMS-Me is provided at no additional cost to all our maintenance subscribers. Also as always, TMS-Me converts your current TMS data to our new expanded Database Container format so you won't have to enter the data again.

TMS Explorers Organize Data

TMS-Me has been completely redesigned from the ground up, keeping the features that users loved while enhancing just about every part of the program. To make our new expanded data structure easier to understand we have created a series of TMS Explorers. These new screens have a look and feel similar to the familiar Windows Explorer?

The TMS Millennium Training Activities Explorer

We've kept all the features that have made TMS the leader in California training management and incorporated them into a completely new program environment. Here are some glimpses as to what we've accomplished:

Certifying Organizations to Support Any Jurisdiction or Profession

We've designed TMS-Me with the capability to support training management programs in law enforcement, fire, legal, medical, and other professional organizations in any city, county, state, or federal jurisdiction. TMS-Me is designed so that we can add new Cert-Orgs, along with their special properties, reports and forms as needed. We work closely with California P.O.S.T. and Department of Corrections (S.T.C.) to ensure that TMS is in compliance with State mandates.

We currently include support for the following Certifying Organizations that are associated with our current client base:

bulletU.S. Department of Homeland Security
bulletArizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board
bulletCalifornia Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST)
bulletCalifornia Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Standards of Training for Corrections (STC)
bulletCalifornia State Fire Marshal
bulletIdaho Peace Officer Standards and Training
bulletMinnesota Board of Peace Officer Standards and Training
bulletMontana Peace Officer Standards and Training
bulletNevada Commission on Peace Officers' Standards and Training
bulletNew Mexico Department of Public Safety
bulletOregon Department of Public Safety Standards in Training (DPSST)
bulletTexas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education
bulletUtah Peace Officer Standards and Training Academy
bulletWashington State Criminal Justice Training Commission
bulletWyoming Peace Officer Standards and Training

If you are interested in using TMS but are associated with a certifying organization that is not currently supported by TMS, please contact Training Innovations immediately. We are excited about opportunities to bring the benefits of TMS to new jurisdictions and professions. We are always looking for organizations who are willing to work with us to ensure that TMS meets the needs of your jurisdiction in the same manner that we now serve California and Oregon. We have special pricing and support options available for these "Pioneer" organizations.

TMS administrators decide which of these pre-defined Cert-Orgs affect their agency and then register the Cert-Org with TMS. TMS then tracks information specific to the Cert-Org, and prints special Cert-Org forms and reports. Users can select from any of the registered Cert-Orgs and the user-defined Cert-Orgs when they add an employee, add a training activity, and in many other TMS operations.

Training Activities

TMS-Me introduces Training Activities, Training Modules, and Training Sessions. This provides the flexibility to track complex training events, such as a Quarterly Training event incorporating multiple subject taught at various locations. You can even schedule and track an entire Basic Academy using this functionality. This will provide an easy way to connect multiple training modules given as part of and advanced training course, tie together all the segments of a Supervisory Leadership Institute course, or track all the segments of a Basic Academy. Each module has its own Student List, which allows separate tracking of grades and attendance across multiple modules. Students who are not employees of your agency are tracked separately from employees.

When you don't need the flexibility of multiple modules and sessions, TMS-Me makes the process of adding a new training even easy with the "New Activity Wizard". Simply enter the dates and times, subject, and presenter, and TMS creates the Activity, Module, and Session all at once.

Memos have been enhanced to include as much of the Activity/Module/Session information as you need, but no more. This is done through a series of user-defined Memo Templates. You can include text formatting, such as underlining, bold face, and italicized text in your memos. TMS-Me memos can also be sent through email.

Course Presenters have multiple addresses. A new Instructors module lets you track information on instructors, including education, presenter affiliation, Cert-Org recognition, and subjects taught.

Document Linking

You can link documents related to the course, such as Course Outlines created in Word? or a PowerPoint?presentation. Click on the document and TMS will load it into its native program for editing.

Persons, Instructors and Employees

To differentiate between the various types of persons with whom we deal, TMS-Me has tables tracking Persons, Instructors, and Employees. The great thing is that TMS-Me keeps everything straight behind the scenes! Add a new person to the database and identify whether that person is a Student, an Instructor, an Employee, or any combination thereof. The appropriate pages are added to the Persons form and you will be able to access all this information from one place. The Persons module allows linking digital photos and references to documents, such as resumes, that are related to the person.

The TMS Millennium Persons Explorer

Expanded Data Storage

Persons, Presenters, and even Course Modules can have multiple Addresses and phone numbers. Phone numbers can be identified by type so you will know the cell phone from the pager, from the fax, etc. Email addresses can be stored for all entities, too.

Training Plan

The Training Plan, the key to the power of TMS, receives new features to increase its flexibility, but keeps its elegant simplicity. A major change will be the ability to mix and match training requirements based on Subject, Category, and Certification, Credential Type or Credential. You will have new training intervals to specify, including Calendar, Fiscal, and Anniversary years.

New features have been added to comply with California POST Continuing Professional Training (CPT) and Perishable Skills Training (PST) requirements, including the new Fiscal Year Training Cycles beginning in 2009.

TMS Millennium Training Plan Requirement Properties form - POST Peace Officer CPT Requirement

Equipment Management

We've found that at least half of all Training Managers are also responsible for managing the equipment for their agencies. The TMS Equipment module is included as a standard feature of TMS Millennium. You can use it to track all of the "stuff" that you need to control, from traditional law items like firearms, badges, and ballistic vests to vehicles, computers, and videos.

For each equipment item, TMS tracks every change in location and status, so you can see the complete history over its lifetime.

TMS Millennium Equipment Explorer

Lookup Tables Come of Age

Lookups are the key to customizing TMS to work with your agency. All lookup tables can be added to "on the fly" as long as the user is given proper security rights. Certain lookups contain additional fields for default values and special functions. The Training Costs lookup includes the default amount, unit, budget account, and unit cost for the cost item. This is great for keeping the default Per Diem rate or Mileage reimbursement.

New Reporting Engine

In response to user requests for more flexibility in reporting, we have licensed the XFRX reporting engine, a state of the art reporting application that provides major enhancements in the ways that we can present TMS data in reports. The engine also provides built-in exporting capabilities to Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, HTML, MAPI (e-mail) and many other formats.

Backup/Restore Functionality

We have licensed the DynaZip?/b> library to bring you backup and restore capability from within the TMS program. Backups are now as easy as selecting Backup Wizard from the TMS menu. Backups can be encrypted using a user-defined key to provide additional security.

Evaluation Copies Available

Would you like to see how the powerful TMS Millennium program can help you "work smarter -- not harder" in your organization? We would be happy to provide you with a 30-day evaluation copy of TMS Millennium. Please fill out our Evaluation Request form!

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