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Training Innovations, Inc., was founded in 1987. It grew steadily and was incorporated in the State of California in 1997. The corporation is wholly-owned by Charles Werner and his wife Doortje Werner, who also actively manage the firm as its chief executive officers.

bulletCharles Werner "retired" in 2001 from his 25-year career with a Southern California police department, having attained the rank of Captain. In 1984 Chuck was assigned to the position of Training Sergeant. He spent the next seven years managing the training needs for an agency with over 100 employees. Chuck realized soon after his assignment to the Training Unit that the old way of using paper files and charts on the wall to manage training could no longer keep pace with the requirements of a modern police department. He immediately put his skills as a self-taught computer programmer to work designing the TMS program to manage the training records and perform the repetitive tasks of his job so that he could actually concentrate on managing training.

It is the combined experience from both the operational and command levels of law enforcement and all areas of software design that gives Chuck the knowledge and experience that make TMS a unique product.

Chuck performs the software design and programming tasks associated with the creation and maintenance of TMS. He handles the more complicated technical support issues. He has made numerous presentations on computerized training management and teaches the Advanced TMS training courses.

You can e-mail Chuck at:

bulletDoortje Werner serves as business manager, handling day-to-day operations, correspondence, accounts payable and accounts receivable. She can send you information packets and answer your questions on purchasing the TMS program, upgrading your current program, or scheduling training. She also helps with technical support issues and beta testing of new TMS software.

You can e-mail Doortje at:

We have now moved to the banks of the Klamath River in Northern California where Chuck and Doortje can devote their full time to further development of TMS and support of the growing number of TMS clients.  

In its brief history, Training Innovations has generated a steady growth in the number of City, County, State and other law enforcement and public safety agencies who rely on TMS to manage their training programs. Training Innovations has been structured and equipped to provide the software, training and support you need to succeed in today's public safety training environment. Many agencies, both large and small are using TMS. Please see our Client List page for further details.

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