System Requirements

The following requirements are the minimum requirements for TMS Millennium when run by itself. If you intend to use TMS Millennium while concurrently running your email program, Internet browser, word processor, etc. you must have sufficient memory and processor power to handle all the requirements of all these programs combined.

TMS Millennium Single-User Version and Multi-User Workstation

bulletPentium 4 CPU (2Ghz. +)
bulletWindows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8 OS with current service packs.
bullet2 GB of RAM (4 GB recommended)
bullet1GB of free Hard Disk space
bullet1024x768 minimum screen resolution at 256 colors or more
bulletMouse, touch-pad, or similar pointing device.
bulletCD-ROM drive required to install software
bulletWindows-compatible printer. (Note: Laser printer is required for some Cert-Org reports, due to small bottom margins that cannot be printed on ink-jet printers. Ink-jet printers are acceptable for all other reports.)

TMS Multi-User

bullet100 Mbps connection between server and workstations.
bullet1GB of free Disk Space.
bulletCompatible with Windows networks, Novell networks and most other network systems.
bulletTMS Multi-User version does NOT run any processes on the server and therefore can be installed on most existing file or application servers without affecting other processes.

Database Backup

bulletTMS includes a utility for compressing its database files into a single .ZIP archive. This process is fast and easy and can be run by the user at any time TMS is running.
bulletIt is the user's responsibility to provide for the safe storage of these archive files.
bulletOnce created by TMS, the archive files can be stored using any backup utility or methodology selected by the user. We recommend that the network administrator provide a folder for storage of TMS archive files that is backed up by normal network backup processes.

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