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Customer Support Provisions

Our Support Philosophy

bulletWe want you to be so happy with your TMS software that you'll recommend it to your counterparts at other agencies. To achieve this goal we have structured the TMS Support Subscription to be your "one stop shop" for all your TMS needs. Our pricing is very reasonable and our services exceptional.

Support Period

bulletThe standard period for the Customer Support Subscription is one year, following the traditional fiscal year, beginning on July 1 and ending June 30 of the next year.

Cost and Billing

bulletThe cost for a one-year subscription is $750. Current subscribers are invoiced each May for the next fiscal year.
bulletNew purchasers of TMS Software receive a one year Support Subscription with the purchase. New purchasers are also invoiced in May as above, however, the first paid subscription is prorated to the portion of the fiscal year remaining after expiration of the initial subscription.
bulletPayment for each fiscal year is due on July 1 of that year.

Services and Benefits

bulletUnlimited Telephone and Email Support - We want you to get the maximum benefit from your TMS software. You can call or e-mail us whenever you have questions, problems or suggestions.
bulletLive Remote Assistance - We are available during normal business hours to provide secure, personalized remote assistance. When you grant your permission, we can view your computer screen and even take control of your PC to help with technical issues or answer your TMS software questions.
bulletProgram Upgrades at No Extra Cost - We notify all subscribers by email when a new upgrade is available. Two types of TMS software are provided at no extra cost to subscribers.
bulletA Maintenance Release is a patch to the currently released version of TMS that adds minor enhancements or fixes program bugs. We post maintenance releases in the Client Downloads web site whenever we make changes.
bulletA Version Upgrade is a new version of the TMS program that replaces the existing version. We will post a link to the installation package on the Client Downloads web site.
bulletTMS Training Classes - We offer both our Basic TMS Millennium and TMS Millennium Update classes as live online classes throughout the year. Your subscription provides free Tuition for one online class per year. Additional persons can register at normal tuition rate. The complimentary tuition is counted toward eligibility for group discounts when 3 or more attend the same course.
bulletUser Download Area - All subscribers receive a password to access the User Download Area of the web site. In addition to the latest program maintenance releases, this area contains articles that provide detailed information on getting the most from your TMS software. When we hear the same question from several users we post a "white paper" in the User Download area with a detailed answer.
bulletAutomated Data Conversion Following Upgrades - Version upgrades to TMS usually entail changes to the TMS database. These changes can at times be very involved. We guarantee that each successive version upgrade will import data from the previous version and convert into the new format. This means that you will not need to re-enter your TMS data into the new database, saving what could be hundreds of hours of data entry. This guarantee is not offered between non-successive upgrades. This is one very important reason to keep your subscription current.
bulletCompliance With Certification Changes - When a Training certification organization supported by TMS makes any change in policy or procedure, including any form supported by TMS, we guarantee that we will make the necessary program modifications to stay in compliance with the change.
bulletBeta Tester Program - Subscribers are eligible to participate in the Beta Tester program. Beta Testers receive preview versions of new TMS software and provide valuable testing and suggestions that help us get the software ready for general release.

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