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Data Conversion Options

Initial data entry is the most time-consuming aspect of setting up any database product. This is true of TMS as well. We can probably help you get past this point while saving you both time and money. Because we have an intimate knowledge of the TMS database we can design a custom conversion to convert and import your data into the TMS database. We currently offer two data conversion options.

bulletCalifornia POST Data Conversion - For California law enforcement agencies under the jurisdiction of POST , we can provide a low-cost solution to conversion of the data currently contained in the POST database. We have performed this conversion many times before, so we have already solved all the data mapping and conversion issues for POST data. We can pass the benefits of our experience on to you.
Cost: $750/agency or, for smaller agencies, $20/person.
bulletCustom Conversion -  Do you have a database containing personnel, training, and/or property information? We can convert this data and import it into the TMS database.
Cost: $120/hour for actual time spent performing the conversion. We analyze your database and provide a written price quote prior to starting the conversion so that you will know up front how much your conversion will cost. The cost for this Data analysis is $500.
We perform all of the following tasks:
bulletAnalyze the source data - We examine your database, build a schema describing the structure of the tables and the relation between tables.
bulletMap the data fields - We map the fields in your source data to the corresponding tables and fields in the TMS database.
bulletNormalize the source data - We identify duplicate records, correct spelling errors, and prepare non-relational data for import into the TMS relational database.
bulletConvert the source data - We perform any necessary conversions to your source data to prepare it for import into the TMS database.
bulletImport source data - We import the data into the TMS database and ensure that all data relations are correctly defined.
bulletTest and package data - We test your data then package it for installation with your TMS software.

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