TMS Millennium Update Training

Important Information


bullet4 Hours Live Instruction via the Internet (Required)
bulletInstructor is available following each live class session to students with individual assistance.

Dates / Times:

Scheduled as needed throughout the year.


Online Training using


$100 / person
10% discount for groups of 3 or more from the same agency.
Eligible for TMS Support Subscription Tuition Benefit


Payment is appreciated by cash or check, either in advance or on the day of the class. Make checks payable to "Training Innovations, Inc."


This training is open only to current subscribers to the TMS Software Support Service. Please contact Training Innovations if you have any questions about your subscription status.
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"Welcome Back Subscription Renewal Offer"


Experience using TMS Millennium and prior completion of the Basic TMS Millennium Course is required. Student familiarity with using TMS Millennium is assumed and will be not be taught in this class. You must be familiar with performing the following:
bulletEnter selection criteria to search for specific records
bulletNavigate the TMS Explorers to find specific information
bulletEnter and modify data

If you are new to TMS Millennium, you should complete the Basic class and use TMS for awhile before attending the Advanced class.

To Register:

Register Online

For questions:
Contact: Doortje Werner
Phone: (530) 496-3344

Cancellation Policy:

Space is very limited for these classes. Please notify us of any cancellations as early as possible so that we can make the space available to someone on a waiting list. Cancellations must be made by email to:
bulletReservations may be cancelled up to 7 days (168 hours) from the start of the first class day with no penalty.
bulletCancellations made less than 168 hours from the start of the first class day will be subject to a fee equal to 50% of the class tuition.
bulletNo-shows with no advance cancellation are subject to full tuition fees. Any Tuition credit redeamed for tuition will be forfeited.

Materials that will be provided to all students:

bulletAll materials required for the class are available for electronic download upon payment of tuition fees. These materials are:
bulletSetup program for installing the Training Edition of TMS Millennium. (Required)
bulletAdditional informational handouts.

Very Important:

These materials must be brought to the class by each student:

bulletPen or pencil
bulletComputer meeting the following minimum requirements:
bulletPentium IV CPU
bulletWindows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista or Windows 7, 8 or 10 Operating Systems
(TMS Training Edition must be installed on the PC by someone having administrative rights allowing them to install software and write to the Windows Registry on the PC. Please contact your Information Services department if necessary regarding software installation.)
bullet1 GB of RAM
bullet500 MB of free HDD space
bullet800x600 screen resolution
bulletMouse, touch-pad, or similar pointing device.
bulletHeadphones and microphone are required to use the free Voice Over IP (VOIP) audio.
If you have speakers but no microphone, you can still hear the training and ask questions using a chat window. Telephone audio is also optionally available, however this is a toll call.
bulletNote: This course does not teach you how to operate your personal computer.
The student must be familiar with setting up and operating the PC that he/she uses for the class. Please familiarize yourself with the keyboard, mouse, power supply, etc. so that you will be prepared for the training.
bulletTMS Millennium Training Edition Software
bulletAll class exercises are performed on the TMS Millennium Training Edition software using a specially designed Tutorial Database. You must not use your production version of TMS Millennium to perform class exercises.
bulletYou should install TMS Millennium Training Edition on your PC prior to the beginning of the course. The Training Edition is designed to install to a separate directory from the "Production" version of TMS Millennium so that you can use the TMS Training Edition on the same PC that you use to run TMS Millennium every day.
bulletSetup files are available for download from the Student Resources section of the web site. The URL and password is provided when your tuition payment is received.

Topics to be Covered:

The TMS Update Class provides the skills needed to take the TMS program to "the edge of the envelope". Training is driven by the questions submitted by the students, so every class is fresh and unique.

It is structured in an open format where the students drive the instruction by providing their "real world" training issues. Instructors who design, test and use the TMS program daily show how TMS can be used to solve the students' needs.

Because this format is driven by a unique mix of students, every class is new and different. Instructors focus on cutting edge techniques and current training management issues. Even if you've attended an Advanced TMS class in the past, we're sure you'll gain new skills and learn how to better use your TMS program with every class.

While the emphasis is on reporting and training compliance issues, actual topics covered depend on the interests and questions presented by the students. We endeavor to leave no question unanswered!

For further information, contact:

bulletPayment or Subscription Information:
Doortje Werner
Phone: (530) 496-3344
bulletHardware, Curriculum, or Other Information:
Chuck Werner
Phone: (530) 496-3344



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